In 2005, LNG-Silesia was established as a Poland-based special purpose limited liability company to develop and operate distributed-scale methane-to-liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in Poland. LNG-Silesia is a joint venture between Prometheus Energy Company, a U.S.-based producer and distributor of LNG, and CETUS Energetyka Gazowa, Sp. z.o.o, a Poland-based company that provides operation and maintenance services to the Polish Oil and Gas Company, Polands national natural gas company. LNG-Silesias first project, which will utilize the methane vented from the Krupinski coal mine, will be a 10,000 gallon per day LNG facility near Katowice, Poland (rupinski I. To date on the Krupinski I Project, LNG-Silesia has secured gas rights to the Krupinski coal mine, obtained all necessary permits (e.g. building, environmental, etc.), secured land for the plant, completed engineering and layout designs, and has staffed the local management team. The Company has started to develop the Project and is now ready to procure and install plant equipment including storage tanks, gen-sets and trailers, among other capital equipment, in order to make the Project operational. LNG - Silesia management team has already identified multiple potential LNG off-takers in the industrial sector. Demand for LNG is based on its price-competitiveness with other fuels and the favorable environmental impact of using LNG over other fuels, especially coal. Beyond Krupinski I, LNG-Silesia has been engaged in several other coal mine methane (CMM)-to-LNG projects, COMETH among others. COMETH will make it possible for the company to make new business relationships with international companies interested in CMM projects, obtaining information on methane deposits, learn new things on technologies of CMM exploitation, entering into cooperation with COMETH partners and get new business opportunities on CMM. In the frames of COMETH LNG-Silesia takes part in the working packages as follow:

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